May 31, 2020


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provides specialised pre-arranged discounts and value adds for goods and services within many areas of Queensland as an incentive / loyalty programme for clients of selected quality businesses in your region.

The company that provided you with your card considers that you deserve recognition, and they have stepped up to the plate to provide you with many ongoing benefits in special areas of day to day purchases.Simply visit our list of suppliers in your location and view what's on offer!!

Your card can be used in all areas, so the benefits do not just stop in your town or city.... Take your card with you on holidays and you will continue to benefit from the business that supplied you with your card.

As offerings may change from time to time…..we provide a Bi-Monthly Webazine so that you can take advantage of the opportunities on offer, as and when they become available.
If you do not wish to recieve your Bi-Monthly Webazine simply email the business that supplied you with your card.

You can also view the most recent Newsletters in our "What's New" area anytime !

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