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Welcome to the Administration Centre!
Your Loyalty Programme

Every business owner is aware that maintaining customer loyalty is MORE important than creating NEW clients. There are afterall only so many new clients !

Your satisfied customers, once converted to cardholders, WILL espouse your business to others and create a level of demand that would otherwise cost substantial advertising dollars to generate. Your cardholders will recommend your business through use of your personalised card at any number of outlets throughout Queensland.

The new "recommended" clients usually mirror existing clients that have already been rewarded. Given that the rewarded clients are usually your best clients, the outlook from this time is indeed very rosy.

In general Loyalty Programmes do generate concern with Business Owners, Directors and Ceo's! The major concern about creating a loyalty program is COST and TIME, of which most businesses have precious little.

is a very unique business, and the process is patented. The process allows for a number of businesses within any local market place to work together and offer benefits to each others' chosen client base.

Where in the past a loyalty programme for a business may have cost up to $300,000.00 to establish, a business now only pays a small percentage based on how many clients they wish to introduce into the Loyalty Programme. And the rewards are even greater as each cardholder can use their reward card in any number of different regions throughout Queensland.

benefits include the ability for you to select the sort of businesses your business would like to be associated with, whether that be as a source of new business via reward based clients (usually restaurant and accomodation houses, health and beauty etc), or perhaps business to business associations that may relate to items that YOUR BUSINESS PURCHASES REGULARLY.

Imagine not only rewarding your clients, but also YOURSELF, your STAFF and your BUSINESS' BOTTOM LINE at the same time!

This process is not expensive, is fully flexible and allows you to step forward one move at a time to sample different levels of involvement if you so desire!

So please call us today for contact details to our nearest office and we will ensure that you have a fitting preview to this lucrative system.
As an Reward Business you can be sure that your business will benefit from each and everyone of your selected clients, contractors or staff, being able to access any number of benefits, through the Loyalty Programme, that would far outstrip a normal business's potential to create.

Each Cardholder will receive a Personalised Numbered Card and Service Directory, that can even reflect your business or product Logo... this again creates the perception that your business's influence in your market, is reflected in other areas throughout Queensland. In this way your businesse's "FOOTPRINT" is extended to reflect a high level or organisation and awareness throughout the entire state.

The card you offer will be useful to the cardholder in most areas of the state and timely Newsletters that identify new areas of use in all regions will keep each of your cardholders up to date with where else they may choose to utilise this service.

We DO NOT require YOUR DATABASE at anytime. We DO concern ourselves with relevant FREEDOM OF INFORMATION and PRIVACY LAWS ensuring you that at all times YOUR CLIENTS remain YOUR CLIENTS... we will never ask for any client details! So call us today for further information and an appointment to meet with one of our Area Franchisees.





To become an Supplier Member your staff and your organisation have been assessed for quality of service and recognition in the marketplace. Your organisation has been selected as our preferred Supplier Member under your product or service and you will maintain exclusive rights (where agreed) to that category until such time as the agreement expires. reserves the right to terminate any agreement if:
a) service levels drop below those acceptable to the licencee or licensor, or
b) a business fails to honour the terms of the agreement in either a material or concessional manner:- i.e. misuse of the cards or the agreed offer has not been delivered.


agrees to monitor your staff's service through our receipt of feedback from this site (or indeed by your customers contacting us). This feedback is used to monitor your staff's commitment to and the commitment to our mutual customers. All positive or negative feedback received will be directed to you or your delegated representative for acceptance and we suggest that you consider any necessary action; being mindful that this may only be a snapshot of a single customers' experience. This information should also be used for creating testimonials for any advertising purposes!

also provides a "Secret Shopper" programme so that you may initiate any number of quality assesments through a recognised outside party. Please feel free to contact us on:-

for further information!

By participating in this programme you can look forward to the following benefits:
  • A patented loyalty and client retention system that is second to none. With regions throughout Queensland, and further afield, the disc that you forward to any valued client can be used in many locations and will increase your business "Footprint" in these, and many new areas.
  • Increased exposure throughout Queensland. generates a great deal of internet traffic which may be very beneficial to your business.
  • A well exposed category listing for each category allocated to you.
  • Hyperlink to your existing website from your listing/s. This link can and should be measured by your business. You can conduct your own audit on our affectivity.
  • A proven ability to source products through reliable suppliers that have been vetted through the same process as yourself.

Cardholders are all initially advised that with the exception of hospitality services there are no advisory requirements. An Cardholder may simply offer the card at the usual time of settlement to be extended any agreed benefits. We suggest to all cardholders that in the spirit of the promotion, and for the ease of identification and product recognition, that the card is indeed offered as early as is deemed to be practical to ensure a smooth and seamless flow from selection of product through to a successful settlement of account.


All card holders are advised via the initial �Thank You Card� that there is a firm requirement to book ahead for prescribed discount or value added bonuses. We suggest that from time to time it may be necessary under the Spirit of Co-operation to extend the offer to those that do not book ahead, we suggest consistent delinquency be dealt with as �would be seen fit by a majority of similar businesses�.


Initial training (via your copy of a training manual) will be provided in the recognition and acceptance procedures associated with this product.  Information pertinent to this will be provided at the initial training period and should be filed for future use. We will ensure that you are up to speed with the process of card dispersement prior to you receiving your discs.

Advice regarding the organisations individual offering must be maintained within the same administration folder easily accessible to all staff at anytime.   All new staff should be advised of such offers and be directed to the training brief. Each individual Supplier Member must maintain the training protocol in acceptance of the card.


has been designed so that little upkeep is required on a daily or weekly basis. However to ensure that continues to work for you, rather than you working for the product, we suggest some very minimal maintenance that will be required from you, to ensure that we all benefit into the future.

1/ Change your offer from time to time. Whilst there is usually a minimal fee of approximately $35.00 for art or text changes, by ensuring your offer remains fresh you will benefit by making the product wrap around your requirements. Are there periods of the year that you will benefit more by changing your offer? Is there a seasonal demand on your product or service?

2/ Ensure that at all times you forward the email Webazine that you receive monthly to your of clients. Simply click forward, then click on the Group that you have set up in your email programme (we can, and do assist with this process in most cases) and then send the email. That way you can be sure that all your members are always up to date with any new offers, new participants, and any other items that are viewed to be of significance via the Webazine.

3/ Get even more out of your cardholders? Yes - definitely !! When you forward your email as above, simply place your own offer into the email as either an attachment or as part of the text. What a great way to get a new message out to your cardholders. They may not only make a commitment to act on the offer…. they may even tell their business colleagues and attract further business!

A - List ™ CARDS
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Cards can be sourced throughout the prescribed agreement period.  Where logos may be required on the Thank You card a minimum of 200 cards must be pre-ordered.  Where logos are not required a minimum of 50 cards will be available within 7 days, printer permitting. The discs can also be emblazoned with your logo... in most cases a minimum of 500 discs are required to produce this level of personalisation and branding.